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Jamaica Land Tax

Jamaican Property Taxes- Unavoidable When Transacting In Land Or Property In Jamaica. Albert Einstein himself remarked that he had difficulty in understanding Income Tax. In such a scenario, it is hardly surprising that ordinary individuals find it very difficult to understand how taxation works. Payment of tax is something that is never done without grumbling. This is because people hate giving their hard earned money over to something or somebody who does not promise anything in return. Compliance has always been a problem with Jamaica land tax. Despite the simplification of the procedure to charge and collect land taxes in Jamaica, compliance is very low at less than 50%. Where do the Jamaican property taxes collected from the public go?

The simplest answer to this question is- all taxes go to tax office Jamaica. However, that is just the destination where people deposit their taxes. The real question- for what purpose is the tax money used? The answer to this question can be found in the manner in which political and fiscal powers have been distributed amongst the various centers of the government. Depending on these rules, the distribution of tax money for various public welfare purposes takes place. Of course, the final recipient of the tax money paid by you is the government. Where must on pay the tax? The money must be deposited in the government of Jamaica tax office. The office has been set up specifically for the purpose of collection of taxes. The office is present in all the parishes of the country.

Offices have been setup in the capital cities of the parish along with other important cities. The head office, needless to say, is situated in Kingston. All taxes in the country are collected under the power of government of Jamaica; property tax is not an exception to this rule. This means that omission to pay tax on time will lead to penalties. It is incorrect to say that there is only one Jamaican property tax that is imposed on the owners of the land. There is no doubt that this is one form of property tax imposed by the government. However, there are other taxes levied as well which have their roots in the property owned by individuals. One such tax is the land transfer tax Jamaica.

This tax is charged upon those individuals who transfer their land for consideration. This means that this tax is charged every time an individual buys or sells land to some other person or entity. On the face of it, paying Jamaican real estate taxes seems like a very simple task. However, the devil lies in the details. The valuation of the land forms the basis of the entire transaction. If there is any disagreement about the valuation of the land, there shall be a disagreement about the tax to be paid to the government.

You cannot avoid paying the tax till the dispute is settled. Things do not work that way as far as taxation is concerned. You will have to pay your real estate taxes Jamaica even as the dispute is being settled. The government has fixed a specific date before which one must complete the formality of paying property tax in Jamaica. The annual payment must be paid on or before the date to avoid legal complications. Of course, you need to pay the tax only if you are held liable as per the rules and regulations governing payment of Jamaica land tax. The law does not make any distinction between a resident owner and a non resident owner of property. Both are equally liable to pay tax on land or any other property owned in Jamaica.


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